About Us

Who am I?

I’m a meme-loving millennial who lives with his wife in Los Angeles, California. We just closed on our dream home late last year and are expecting our first child in the summer of 2018. I graduated from UCLA and have gone on to work in investment banking, fin-tech and various other startups before landing at a major movie studio in Burbank. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but if I can thrive in one of the most expensive coastal cities in the world, anyone can.

In looking at the world around us it’s apparent income inequality is growing and the cost of everything from tuition to goods is only growing. And yet millennials in general did not participate in the record breaking run up of the stock market after the Great Recession. A lot of us don’t even have a 401k. Let’s talk about it and let’s fix it one small step at a time so we can be prepared and hopeful about a brighter future for more than just the 1%.

Avocado Toast Finance

Avocado Toast Finance is a personal finance site created for millennials. We’re focused on driving awareness and conversation around finance in an accessible way. That means we’re all about discussion without fear or judgment and we’re here to help whether you’re a total finance newb looking to improve their situation or a seasoned personal finance guru looking for something entertaining to read.

There are a plethora of online resources for every finance topic imaginable, so instead of retreading that path, I’m going to make this site about more real world applications of personal finance tenets that will actually help you improve your life. I’m also going to be writing a lot about the things I know best, such as how to get a job in a startup and ways you can sacrifice on small things to reach your larger goals.

Finally, I’m always accessible and will respond to every single email I receive. I’m serious. Reach out if you don’t believe me. I’m happy to provide guidance and help on anything I’m an expert in. This site is my way of documenting my personal journey during this interesting time in my life but it’s also a way for me to share my experience and lessons learned in the hope that you might benefit from my mistakes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and don’t be a stranger! Avocado Toast Finance is your go-to resource for all things millennial finance.